Box Rules

Here are a list of the Box rules:


  • –  Bumper plates, CrossFit and sports performance equipment are for Peak Performance level 3 members only.  Please inquire at the front desk to learn about this all-inclusive membership.


  • –  Return & wipe down all weights & equipment to the proper place.


  • –  We provide chalk; feel free to use as much as you want, however, chalk is messy; please clean up after use.


  • –  Remember to make safety your first priority. Dynamic & explosive moves need to be done with correct form to prevent injury. Please inquire with a trainer or coach if you need assistance.

  • –  Please use spotter when needed.


  • –  Control drop of bumper plates is permitted.


  • –  Remember empty bars don’t bounce. Please make sure bumper plates are secured. Do not drop empty bars with steel weights.


  • –  Remember this is a learning, positive growing environment. Treat others as you want to be treated. Leave your ego at the door.


  •  –  Keep the box clean. If you sweat, bleed, and/or cry on something wipe it down.


  • –  Please don’t drag equipment across the turf. If you need help just ask.


  • –  Listen to your coaches or trainer. They have your best interest at heart.


  • –  No food allowed. Only water bottles or approved sports bottles.